About Me

Kevin Ashton

I first got into writing when I was invited to pen a weekly recipe column for a Sunday newspaper.  Eighteen months later on a whim I googled my name, never dreaming for a moment it would come up…but there it was.

Like it not, because papers sell old copy my name was out there so I decided to blog since bank robbing was now out of the question.  I’ve been blogging now for over 9 years and moved to the WordPress  platform on St George’s Day (April 23rd) 2015. My main food blog

My main food blog Chef Kevin Ashton now has 51,226 followers via  networkedblogs .  Networkedblogs.com has over 1.7million blogs signed up so it’s a great place to grow your following.

I often get asked if I am interested in trying and reviewing various kitchen related products so I created this blog, specifically for that. First off I am fairly picky about what I will I review and secondly I only agree to review quality products that will be of value to my readers.

My reviews are my honest opinion, so if I give something a good rating people take notice. And likewise if I give something a bad review people take notice of that too.

For more information about me just Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu  or Yandex  chef kevin ashton.


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